Deuteronomy 16 (June 18)

                                                                                   Slaves No More

            “Remember that you were a slave in Egypt…”

             Have you ever been a slave?  I have, and I can tell you that it’s not a pretty picture.  Being a slave is the worst condition in which a human being can find himself.  Aside from hell, slavery is the last “place” I want to be in.

            The children of Israel were slaves in Egypt for more than four hundred years, until God sent Moses to deliver them.  Now God was telling them to remember their slave days, when they were tempted to disobey God’s law.

            The African-Americans or blacks, were also slaves, but in another country; a civilized and “Christian” country.  They endured hardships and degradation without end in our land.  It wasn’t until 1865 that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the abolishment of slavery in this great country.

            You and I were also slaves.  We served the devil and sin controlled our lives.  I am sure that there are many ugly stains in our past; secret sins that we wish nobody will ever see.  Every redeemed believer can identify himself with those who have been slaves throughout history.

            The Jews had Moses as their deliverer from Egypt. The Negro slaves had Abraham Lincoln as their liberator in the United States.  All Christians, regardless of color, race or nationality, were set free by Jesus Christ.

            Remember that we were slaves when you and I are being tempted to go back to “Egypt” and its pleasures.  Do not look back to your sinful past; remember your chains and the pain.

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