Deuteronomy 15 (June 17)

                                                                        Open Hands

            “You should rather open your hand…”

            Do you love your brothers and sisters?

            I ask this question with reference to your hands.  It could very well be that some of us love each other with the words of our lips, but not with our actions and deeds.  It is very easy to say to each other:  “God bless you my brother!” while keeping our hearts and hands closed.

            May I say something with love? We need to shut our mouths, and open our hands more!  When our brothers and sisters are in need, our duty is to pray for them and exhort them to remain faithful.  But we can do more, according to our means; we can minister to their needs.

            Perhaps you know someone who is in great need today.  You can be an answer to prayer.  This does not imply that your generosity must become foolishness, as your family will then lack their own sustenance.  What I’m referring to is to those funds that are entirely allocated for entertaining purposes that can be sacrificed in the “altar of Christian giving.”

            Why are there so many needy Christians in our congregations?

            There are several reasons.  In the first place, it could be due to their negligence to work or save money.  Secondly, it could stem from an injury that does not allow them to work, or it could just be tests that they are going through.  In third place, it could very well be the consequences of our lack of generosity.

            Open your hand today liberally to those who are in need today.

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