Deuteronomy 14 (June 16)

                                                                            17 Hours

            “…the tithe of your grain…wine…oil…”

            There is a big controversy about tithing.  Some say that tithes were only for the Old Testament and under the Law, while others declare that tithing is normative for today, because even Abraham practiced it (Genesis 14).

            On one thing we can all agree:  Giving is also part of Christianity.  Whether you give your tithe or not, the fact remains that as a Christian we are called to give generously and with gladness in our hearts.

            Let’s suppose for a moment, that you are a faithful steward of God’s finances.  You do not waste your money and have no major debts.  Furthermore you give sacrificially, offering more than thirty percent of your income and you do it with profound devotion and joy.  Do you believe this is enough for God?

            I would like to introduce to you the concept of “time tithing.”  The week has 168 hours including weekends.  If you would “tithe” your time to God, you would be devoting approximately seventeen hours to God’s service.  Would you dare give all this time to the Lord?  Perhaps you want to do it, but don’t know how.  Here are a few suggestions:

            1- Attend all church services

            2- Pray and read the Bible daily

            3- Share the gospel with the lost, and call, E-mail, or text your brethren.

            As you do these things, you will be serving God, and even if you can’t tithe your time, the Lord will be pleased with you and your efforts.

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