God’s Authority (Leviticus 8)

            “This is what the Lord has commanded to be done.”

God has supreme and undisputed authority over the universe.  His commands are followed without question by angels and by every other creature, except for many humans.  Even his children sometimes dare to disobey Him!

What happened to the days when preachers would proclaim the Gospel with power and authority? Nobody says, “Thus says the Lord” anymore or as Moses said in this chapter: “This is what the Lord has commanded to be done.”

We are living now in a permissive society in which little children demand answers from their parents and scream “NO!” when they are told to perform any task.  Secular Psychology is partly responsible for the demise of parental authority.  They “teach” us to listen and respect our children (which is biblical anyway), and not to spank them (which is not biblical), for this is child abuse according to them.

Do psychologists and psychiatrists know more than God about child rearing?  Certainly not! The Bible instructs us to love and discipline our children.  If there is rebellion, we are commanded to use the rod to bring back some sense into our child.

There is a time for talking and listening to our children.  There is also a time to answer authoritatively when they demand an explanation:  “You’ll do it because I am your father (or mother) and you have to obey.”

Does this sound too harsh? Perhaps we have accustomed ourselves not to obey and follow directions from anyone including God.  God commanded Moses to consecrate Aaron and his sons to be priests, and he obeyed.

Are you submitted to God’s authority?

A. G.

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