God’s Glory (Leviticus 9)

            “…so that the glory of the Lord may appear to you.”

            There is a wonderful reassuring promise from God: We will see His glory when we do his will and worship Him.  This should be our expectation when we engage in public or private worship; otherwise, worship becomes a futile and meaningless exercise.

            To worship, is to give ourselves totally unto the Lord.  Just as Aaron and his descendants were consecrated to God, our souls must be completely devoted to prayer, praise and spiritual (not transcendental) meditation.

            A godly expectation must accompany our adoration.  If we are offering our praise and worship to a great and BIG God, then we should expect to see His glory.  How will we be able to detect a manifestation of God’s eternal glory?

            God will show forth His glory in the midst of the praise of His people.  He will touch our hearts in such a way, that we will know that His glory is present.  How is it possible then, that  some see His glory and even cry, while others remain “untouched” and empty? The answer lies on the intensity and depth of our worship.  Only those who honor the Lord with all their hearts, minds, strength and power, and “chase” after God will be able to see His glory.

            God’s glory is also visible, when we can observe lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  His glory can be manifested through us for all to see, as we lead godly lives.  Unfortunately, many will never see God’s glory.  They refuse to believe, and only those who do, shall be able to see God (John 11:40).  To see the stars, we must look up to heaven; but to see God’s glory, we need to look up to Jesus in faith and true worship.

            A. G.

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