The Only Star (Numbers 24)

             “A star shall come out of Jacob…”

            Almost every loving couple has enjoyed a slow walk together under a starry night. There is nothing more romantic and idyllic than walking on the ocean shore under the stars.  The bright stars provide a touch of romanticism and radiance to our otherwise dark nights.

            This world was “dressed” or engulfed in darkness when Balaam predicted the future arrival of Jesus.  A very special STAR would come out of Jacob (Israel).  This star is Jesus, the Light of the world.

            In our time we too have our “stars” and “superstars.”  These are men and women that are outstanding in their field, especially actors, athletes and singers.  In spite of all the hype surrounding these “celebrities,” we can truly say that their combined output of light is equivalent to that of a broken light bulb, compared with the eternal brightness of Jesus, the real Star.

            When Jesus is your Star, there is no need to follow any other star, human or other-wise.  Those who look upon the stars to predict the future are living in a fantasy world, and need a strong dose of reality. It is sad to see how many supposedly believers in Christ read the horoscope and follow the stars of astrology.

            The reality is that they need to look at Jesus instead of the other stars.  He is Creator of all the stars. Scientists tell us that some of the lights we see in the sky at night come from dead stars, but Jesus is the only star which has eternal light; and he is the only star that knows our future, for Jesus died so that we can have a bright future with him beyond the stars!

            A. G.


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