Don’t Sing Yet (Numbers 23)

            “I will take you to another place…”

            Allow me to share with you a very important piece of information.  There is a real person named the devil or Satan.  He is the enemy of the entire human race and especially of God’s children.  He wants to destroy you and your family.

            The devil knows your weaknesses and he is very powerful.  Besides, he is invisible to the human eye and he has an ample arsenal of strategies and tricks with which to make us stumble and fall.  The devil never sleeps and works tirelessly to accomplish his evil plans.  If it wasn’t for the fact that our God is Omnipotent, we would be utterly obliterated by Satan.              

             One of his favorite tactics is to tempt us in many different ways.  King Balak used this strategy with Balaam, by moving him around three different locations to induce him to curse Israel.

            The devil operates in a strikingly similar fashion with the children of the Almighty God.  Some fall quickly bringing an immense elation to Satan.  Others take more work and temptation and the infernal host will not stop, until they create the most favorable atmosphere for sin in our lives.

            If you have conquered sin in one or more fronts, do not sing a victory song yet, for attacks and temptations will intensify in every direction.  Do no deceive yourself into thinking that your eternal adversary will ever leave you alone on this earth.  The battle will endure until the day when we enter through the gates of splendor.  On that glorious day we will sing our song of eternal triumph.

            A. G.

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