“A Look of Faith” (Numbers 21)

             “…everyone who…shall look at it and live.”

                                        “Just a look of faith, just a look of faith

                                        Can save a sinner today

                                        And if you come to Jesus Christ

                                       He will forgive your sins

                                      Because just a look of faith

                                     Is what can save a sinner.”

            The words of this popular Christian song (in Spanish) clearly express the message of the Brazen Serpent.  Moses was told to make a serpent of bronze and put it on a pole, so anyone who would look at it, would live.

            The Israelites were complaining (once again) to God.  This time they were rejecting God’s provision and the Lord sent poisonous snakes to bite them unto death.  God also provided a way of salvation in the bronze serpent, not that the “serpent” saved anyone, for it was their repentance and (look of) faith that made the difference.

            This serpent is a symbol or type of the devil, but in a way the brazen serpent is symbolic of the cross of Christ. He was also raised up for all to see.  The serpent was placed on a pole and Jesus was nailed to a cross.  When the Israelites looked at the brazen serpent, they were reminded of their own sins and of its terrible consequence.

            When we look at Christ on the cross, we are also reminded of our trespasses and rebellions.  It was our sin that nailed Jesus on that terrible cross.  Jesus is the object of our faith; He is our Savior.

             A. G.

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