The Best Pitcher (Numbers 20)

            “Miriam died…the Lord said to Moses…and Aaron died”

            Baseball is “America’s Pastime” and it’s rapidly becoming a worldwide sport.

           The main figure or player in baseball is the “pitcher.” He is the man who throws the ball to the plate. The pitcher’s main objective is to get the hitter “out” one way or the other and to lead his team to victory. The local crowd goes wild every time the pitcher strikes out an opponent.

            God can be compared to a baseball pitcher.  He knows how to “pitch” hard and how to get people out.  As a matter of fact, he made three outs with just three pitches. He cut from the earth or “struck out” Miriam, Aaron and Moses for their rebellion… in other words, they died.

            Our Lord, however, is a different pitcher than all the rest.  He is the only “pitcher” I know, that throws the ball so that the batter can hit it.  He pitches very slow and through the “middle of the plate.”

            If we are sad, he pitches a big ball of JOY; and if we suffer from anxiety, he sends PEACE.  Every time we step up to bat at the plate of life, he gives us a “bat” called “POWER” and throws a pitch named “Second Chance.”

            God dealt this way with Moses, Aaron and Miriam.  He was patient and merciful with them, as he is with us today.  He is slow to anger, and his compassion never ends.  He has even promised to “go to bat” for us when we do not have the strength or courage to go on.

            With such a great PITCHER, it’s only your fault if you strike out! 

            A. G.

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