Time to Celebrate (Numbers 9)

“you shall keep it at its appointed time.”

For everything there is a time in life. There is time to suffer and cry, but there are also many occasions for celebration. In those times of victory we rejoice and celebrate in the Lord.

We celebrate when a baby is born into this world, and when someone is born from above (John 3) or “out of this world,” to become a Christian. If there is great joy when a tiny creature comes out of the mother’s womb, there is a party in heaven when a person is born again (Luke 15:10).

Weddings, likewise, are a time to celebrate the union of two people in love. There will be also a wedding in heaven between the Lamb and the Church (Revelation 19:7). The twenty four elders, the four living creatures, and a multitude without number will join in the worship and eternal festivities!

Other festive occasions include graduation days, holy days and every Sunday at church. In each one we rejoice with friends and family and with brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Finally, death is one of the greatest celebrations known to mankind. For the unbelievers, death is the door that leads to eternal separation from God; for us, is the gate that opens to let us enter into glory.

If you are sad today, remember that we have reasons to celebrate! Yes, this life is hard, but we have to keep everything in eternal perspective. Paul said it best when he declared that earthly trials can never be compared with our eternal glory (Romans 8:18).

A. G.

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