It is Now or Never (Numbers 8)

             “…and serve no more.”

            God knows the abilities and capabilities of every human being.  It was He the one who created us, and bestowed talents and spiritual gifts upon us.  It is very important that we use these talents and gifts in the work of the ministry.  It is extremely essential that we use them to honor God, and to edify the body of Christ.  Finally it is imperative that we serve God during our youth.

            Why this urgency? Simply because the work is great, the workers are few and our life is short, very short.  The years of our youth and vigor fly and disappear as quickly as morning dew does under the hot sun.  All of the sudden we discover that we have more aches and pains than teeth.  Our strength, vision and mental abilities diminish greatly, and we are closer to death with every passing second.

            When the awful season of our winter years arrives, our plans and dreams almost become an impossible feat.  That which was easy for us to do in our youth is now so very difficult.  Therefore do not waste your days because they are not recyclable.  A day wasted is a day that has been lost forever.  Very few people find pleasure in old age (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

            Today is when we need to serve our God! Tomorrow is just an illusion that may never materialize for some of us.  Use your talents and gifts for God now while you still have the power.  One day you will like to serve, but the strength, the talents, and the time may not be there.

            The right time is now. It’s now or (it may be) never!

            A. G.

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