It’s All in the Head (Numbers 6)

             “…the consecrated head”

            John and Ernest were two good friends who attended Medical School.  Their childhood dream was for both of them to become doctors, and later on to open a clinic to treat poor people.

            John wanted to be a doctor, but he had other interests or passions as well.  John loved to dance and drink every weekend (and some weekdays too), and he was always chasing women, in fact, he became known as the “Don Juan” of the university.

            John did not become a doctor.

            Ernest, on the other hand, consecrated his mind entirely to the study of medicine.  Many times he refused John’s persistent invitations to go out and “relax.” For eight long years he studied night and day and he succeeded. 

            Ernest became a great doctor.

            To become a great Christian we need to consecrate our heads or minds unto the Lord.  How can we accomplish this lofty goal? One way is by immersing or “baptizing” our minds every day into the Word of God.  There is no short cut to become either a doctor or a dedicated Christian.  It takes devotion, discipline and sacrifice.

            Our minds must be forced to read the Scriptures and to think about God and good and holy things (Philippians 4:8).  A disciplined mind will be able to withstand attacks from hell.  The difference between a mediocre and a dedicated Christian is in the head.

            To whom does your mind belong to?

             _____The devil     _____Myself    _____The Lord Jesus Christ

            (Please mark your appropriate answer.)

             A. G.

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