True Royalty (Numbers 7)

“…the leaders of Israel…made offerings.”

Our modern and sophisticated society is still fascinated by the glamour and distinction of royalty. In an era of computers and space travel, people find time to follow the “ins and outs” of princes and princesses.

Take Princess Diana for example.  Her wedding ceremony was broadcasted worldwide, and many believed it was beginning of the same kind of love you find in a fairy tale. The world was informed daily about her beautiful children, benefit events, extraordinary gowns and her conflicts and ultimate divorce, with Prince Charles. Recently however, the world cried over Diana’s death, as we all witnessed her funeral and burial.

Nevertheless, when the world looks at Christians, it despises them. Doesn’t the world know that we are true princes and princesses in the kingdom of God? I believe that is the key. The world loves it royalty, but rejects God and his royal followers. Yes my brethren, we are princes and princesses in the Lord.

We have royal blood that comes from heaven. We are the sons and daughters of the King. As royalty, our conduct and ethics must be above reproach for we represent God’s kingdom on earth. should follow the example of Israel’s princes who brought their offerings first and offered more than the rest of the people when the tabernacle was consecrated.

We are in debt with Christ. He loved us so much, that he shed his blood in order that we could be kings and queens in his eternal kingdom. Let us then, follow the following rule:

Minister unto God as servants, and bring offerings to him as royalty.

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