Too Much Heart (Exodus 35)  

            “…whose heart was stirred…”

            When my parents were teenagers in Cuba, they would dance to such popular tunes as “Mucho Corazon” (Too Much Heart).  The chorus of this song went more or less like this:

            “I will give for you my own life, and not die

            That is love, not what you feel now

            I don’t really need a reason to love you

            Because I have too much heart.”

            If this man had “too much heart” to love a woman, how much more should we love our God?   In Exodus 35 the word “heart” is mentioned at least four times.  Those who brought offerings to the Lord were men and women with generous hearts filled with gratitude.  A grateful heart gives freely and abundantly for the work of the Lord.

            Who are those that are able to serve God?

            The answer again is found in the heart.  The Israelites gave offerings and worked in the construction of the Tabernacle, because their hearts were “stirred” or inspired by God.

            Our heart is the engine that drives our will and emotions; and God wants to have complete control of it.  When God directs our hearts we will be able to give, serve, obey and follow, like never before.  We will also withstand temptation, for our hearts will be occupied by its rightful owner: Jesus Christ.

            Perhaps we require “too much heart” to love our spouses, but to love God we just need a single heart that is always open to Him.

            A. G.

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