True Jealousy (Exodus 34)  

           “…the Lord, whose name is jealous…”

            Have you ever seen a jealous woman?  A jealous woman is a dangerous individual to be around.  She watches your every step, and monitors your “looks.”  Sometimes it becomes impossible to breathe properly under such scrutiny.

            A jealous man however, is even more obnoxious in behavior and overall attitude than women.  Driven by frenetic jealousy, he exhibits a total lack of trust or respect for his girlfriend or wife.  She is not able to look, smile or talk with anybody, and woe to the man who dares to look at her!  Nevertheless he, (the jealous hypocrite) enjoys looking at other women all the time!

            Our Lord is a jealous God, but his jealousy is not driven by doubt, fear or mistrust.  God’s jealousy originates from his everlasting love.  He wants us only for Himself; he desires our love and dedication.

            Is it right for God to be jealous?  Do we deserve his love or jealousy?

            First, God created us and therefore we belong to him. As our Creator he has every right and privilege over our lives. He is also our Redeemer; he sent his Son to give his precious life for us, to make us his children. Finally, God is also our Sustainer. He keeps us under his providential care every day of our lives, with his magnificent provision and protection from evil.

            Let us always keep this in mind brethren.  When we relegate God to a lesser position; or when we fix our eyes on something (or someone) else, we are committing spiritual adultery.  Only Jesus must have the preeminence.

            A. G.

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