My Offering (Exodus 25)  

            “…an offering from all whose hearts prompts them…”

            What should be our motivation when we bring tithes and offerings to the Lord?

            In the first place, let’s keep in mind that our offerings are for GOD.  The money you place on the plate is not for the pastor, for a Christian singer and not even for the church.  That money belongs solely to God, and when we give, we must give with gladness unto the Lord.

            But, what about those “pastors” or so-called Christian organizations who steal or squander God’s money?

            While it is true that there will always be those hirelings who “minister” for the sake of money, remember that they are now dealing with God and that God will deal with them. These mercenaries will have to answer for every penny they stole from gullible or good hearted believers, by promising healing or any other benefit.  Therefore, there is no excuse to withhold your offerings to the Lord.  You may choose to give your offerings in another church, but if you close your wallet altogether, you will become a thief too.

            Our offerings must come from the heart; a happy and grateful heart.  When we have offered our hearts to God, we will have no trouble offering to him everything else, including our money.

            Is your heart a property of God?  Is your will submitted to God’s will?

            Some people give money to God, while others bring offerings.  Only those who are grateful, and have a pure heart, will bring free will offerings with joy to the Lord, and only they shall be accepted. 

             A. G.


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