Do not Pray, Just… (Exodus 14) 

            “Why do you cry to me?”

            There are times when we don’t need to pray to God.

            One example of a completely unnecessary (and foolish) prayer would be to say:

            “God, if it is your will, please help me to have the desire to attend church services.”

            Or what about a prayer that requests love from God?  To pray in this manner is sheer nonsense.  Who would pray to God asking if he wants us to serve him?

            The only answer that such a person will receive is the same response that Moses heard:

            “Why do you cry to me?”  Go forward Moses; go and cross the Red Sea; go and do my will.

            In simpler terms, the Christian shouldn’t pray over matters in which God’s will is more than explicit.  The only thing left for us to do, is to obey.  Therefore if we have done harm, or insulted a brother, we should not pray if it is God’s will that we reconcile.  It is God’s will, so let us not pray, but obey.

            Or perhaps God is calling you to some ministry, but you are praying, “Here I am, but send Shawn!”  Again I tell you:  Do not pray, just obey.

            If you are happy today, then sing; and if you are sad, by all means do pray.  Pray also if you don’t know God’s will, or if you are in need.

            But if you know God’s will, God is telling you:

            “Do not pray, just obey!”

            A. G.

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