The God Who Demands (Exodus 5)

            “Let my people go…”

            Our God is sovereign and his authority is absolute.  His domain extends from eternity to eternity; he is the only God, the ruler of the universe.  The Lord who created the heavens and the earth, also created us for Himself.

            For this reason, God has control of our destinies.  He gave us life, and he can take it away, for everything belongs to him; and who shall oppose his eternal counsel?  God can demand anything from us, just because he is our Maker and our Master.  He saved us through pure grace and he sustains us physically and spiritually every day.

            God can demand respect, honor and complete obedience, because we were bought with the precious blood of Jesus.  We belong to God for he made from dust and because he saved us from eternal death in hell.  He said through Moses:

            “Let MY people go.”

            What does God demand from us?  He wants our best at all times.  He must reign supreme over us, having the preeminence over ourselves, our families, our dreams and desires.  In short, he is our King, and as such, no one or nothing must ever attempt to occupy his special place in our hearts.

            Our God, however, is not one to impose himself upon our wills using brute force. That tactic is used often by our adversary, but God delights when Christians submit themselves freely and willingly to his irresistible love and his amazing grace. A true disciple is one who offers his best to the Lord, and obeys him in everything.                                

            Are you a disciple of the King?

            A. G.

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