For Ever (Genesis 39)       

            “The Lord was with Joseph…”          

            How sad and cumbersome is to feel alone and abandoned!  On those moments, when life “turns her back” on us and friends disavowed us, we feel as if the earth was opening to swallow us alive.

            Sadness, for some of us, is a way of life, but it comes and goes.  Jesus in the other hand, is the great “I am,” he always is, he will never leave us or abandon us under any circumstance.

            This principle is illustrated in Joseph’s life.

            Joseph was sold by his brothers, but God was with him.

            He was a slave of Potiphar, but God was with him.

            He was unjustly thrown into prison, but God was with him.

            Finally, Joseph was made second ruler of Egypt.  Why?

            You guessed it:  Because God was with him!

            Years later, Joseph had a wonderful opportunity to achieve revenge over his cruel and evil brothers, but because God was in him and with him, he became a channel of divine blessings instead.

            Do not allow any test or tribulation to erode your confidence in the Almighty God.  Be reminded that Jesus is with you at all times and in every circumstance.

            Furthermore, let us never forget that God is in absolute control over every situation of our lives.  Everything that comes our way is part of the overall plan and eternal purpose of God. God is with us and we are with him forever.

            A. G.

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