One Big, Happy Family (Genesis 38)     


            “Judah went down from his brothers…”

            Once upon a time, there was a small piece of coal whose name was “Happy”.  He lived with his family inside of a gigantic bag of coal.  They were always together and did everything together. There was nothing that could separate that happy family. Those were truly the “happy days.”

            One day, a customer appeared in the store and bought the big bag.  When he reached home, he opened it and emptied the entire charcoal “family” in a barbecue. “Happy” saw, horrified, how this man set his whole family on fire.

            All of a sudden “Happy” jumped out of the barbecue, escaping the “terrible” fire.  Turning to his family, he was amazed to see them glowing in the flames.  They were not crying because they were fulfilling their purpose in life.  “Happy,” on the other hand, died alone, useless and forgotten.

            When a child of God chooses to distance himself from God’s family, he has no other place to go but to the godless society.  There he or she will find (as Judah did), temptations, adultery, and even death.

            God offers true love; the world tempts us with lust.  God gives us a loving family; the world only offers the trickery and deceit of a stranger (Tamar).

            It’s your decision.  You can separate from God’s family and become as useless as a piece of wet charcoal.  You can also elect to remain in the bosom of the family, and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

            Do you want to be on “fire” for God today?

            A. G.

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