Sweet Death (Genesis 25)

                “…and was gathered to his people.”

                Have you ever thought about your death? Death is the most guaranteed ever of our lives. The probability of death is still one out of one, and is intricately connected to us as a fish is to the sea. In other words, death is perfectly natural occurrence, and its visit shouldn’t surprise us. But is does, because no one is ever completely prepared to face death.

                Abraham died and was gathered to his people. What people? Abraham was reunited with Adam, Enoch, Noah, and many other servants of the living God. Ever since the time of Abraham, humans have believed in the afterlife, even the Egyptians! God was called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob simply because they were alive with God after death.

                There is a multitude of believers waiting for us in God’s glorious presence. This is God’s family; these are the people of God from every age and race. One day we will be reunited forever with them, either through death or through the “Rapture.”

                If everything I have been saying is true (and surely it is), then death is not as bad as they say. Death for the Christian is the bridge leading to a better life. Death also will gather us with our true family in heaven and with our Lord Jesus Christ.

                Isn’t death sweet?

                A. G.


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