Rescue Mission (Genesis 14)

                He divided his forces against them by night…”

                There was a time in my life when my innermost desire was to become a great firefighter. I was awestruck by the “glamour” this profession offered, such as becoming an everyday hero, walking out of burning buildings with babies in my arms, and rescuing little old ladies.

                Although I still relish the role of a hero (I have been involved in a few minor rescue missions), firefighting does not hold the same appeal. Now I know it involves dealing with injuries, burns, and blood. I wanted to be a “hero,” not a doctor.

                Abram was, no doubt, a man of peace. The last thing in his mind was probably to get involved in a rescue operation, even less a war, but he was forced to do it. Lot, his foolish nephew, was taken captive by the enemy, and it was up to Abram to save him. He attacked the enemy camp by night and was rewarded with a complete victory.

                God is extending an invitation to would-be heroes to enlist in the most fantastic and rewarding rescue mission. This is not for the faint-hearted or lukewarm Christian, for it requires complete devotion to God. The mission: to attack the forces of darkness and rescue as many souls as we can from our spiritual enemy.

                “Then he brought back all the goods…”

                Jesus came to seek out and save the lost (Luke 19:10). His mission is in need of courageous volunteers who would carry the torch of the gospel to the prisoners in the kingdom of darkness and despair. His mission is not impossible.

               A. G.

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