Three Rewards (Genesis 15)

                “…your reward shall be very great.”

                New Position “and the Lord reckoned it to him as righteousness.”

                In Christ we have a new position or legal status before God. We have been totally justified from the penalty of sin; we have been adopted as children of God and we are now “…joint heirs with Christ” (Rom. 8:17). All this comes as a result of our conversion. Have you been truly converted?

                New family “…count the stars, if you are able to count them.”

                As children of God we enjoy many blessings and privileges, such as belonging to a brand new family, the family of God. Every true believer is part of this blessed and eternal family, where God is the Father and we are brothers and sisters.

                I have found that in most cases, the family of God has been closer and more helpful than any relative in the flesh. We are united in the same Spirit, and we worship the same God. One day we will have a complete family reunion in heaven. On that great day we shall be like the stars, not only in “number,” but in splendor and eternal glory.

                New possession “…to give you this land to possess.”

                The third reward is our heavenly inheritance. To Abram, God promised the land; to the Christians, Jesus promises heaven. He has prepared a special place for us in glory through his sacrificial death on the cross. Jesus is our “admission ticket” into heaven. He is the only way to God (John 14:6). If you have not made your reservation yet, call on Jesus. He is standing by twenty-four hours a day. He will take your call.

                A. G.

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