Ecclesiastes 9    (August 1)

                                              Protection and Direction

            “…and their works are in the hand of God…”

            Two brothers were fighting over a small toy airplane that belonged to the youngest one. The youngest brother shouted:

            “This airplane is mine; it was a gift from daddy!”

             To which the oldest answered:

             “But I want to play with it now!”

             The youngest brother refused the “request” and this produced a negative reaction on his sibling, who began to hit him and even tried to snatch the plane from his hands.

            Desperately, the youngest brother shouted;


            The father came running and ended the fight. The youngest of the brothers found refuge in his father’s arms—He was safe and secure. The father punished the bully and freed the oppressed one. The youngest brother learned a great lesson: There is love, protection and peace in the arms of his father.

             A born again Christian is a child of God. Our lives are safe and secure in the powerful hands of our Eternal Father. Those HANDS that protect us, also guide us on our path. Sometimes these hands take us on the path of victory and joy and at other times through the valley of trials and tribulations.

             God is our Creator, our Lord and our Savior. He has the power to do as he pleases in our lives. Therefore, let us remember that in the hands of God, we will find protection and direction in everything, for everything and through everything.

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