Ecclesiastes 10, 11   (August 2)

                                                       Not Small at All!

            “…so does a little folly…”

            Two identical suits were being sold in a gentlemen’s store. Both suits were black and made by the same designer. However, the price tag for each suit was totally different; one was $1,000.00 and the other a “mere” $300.00.

            Why did one cost less that the other?

             The answer is very simple. The least expensive suit had a very small defect at the seam, which was almost unseen to the common eye. Only an experienced qualified inspector could have detected this insignificant defect, but it was sufficient to dramatically reduce the value of such a prestigious garment.

            A small madness, a moment of pleasure, a little folly, can ruin the life of the most prestigious or holiest person in this planet. The best reputations can be stained in a few seconds of foolishness, passion and/or ignorance.

            We must not pay attention to the temptations that invite us to sin “in secret,” where no one can see us. And what shall we do with God? Will we cover his eyes? Will He turn a blind eye to our sinful and foolish behavior? We will never be able to hide from the One who knows and sees all.

            A “small” madness or a “little” folly always become a great misfortune. We cannot play with fire without getting burned, no matter how small and insignificant we perceive the flames to be. A small flame or even a spark can start a devouring fire that consumes thousands of acres (as it happens in California almost every year), and flirting with a tiny temptation can destroy souls, marriages, churches and nations.

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