Psalms 143-144       (June 21)


            “Teach me the way I should go”

            Two archaeologists entered a cave, with the purpose of exploring it from top to bottom. The entrance was small and the passages long and narrow.   The cave was dark but not gloomy, for it was exceptionally beautiful. The stalagmites and stalactites adorned the walls with their diversified colors.

            After walking and dragging themselves for a long time, they arrived at a place that was high and spacious. They were in the very center of the cave! The place could be compared to a huge ballroom—high, long and wide. There was only a small problem: The clearing gave way to seven different tunnels. Which was the right one?

            Only God knows the right path for our lives. There are times when we find ourselves confused by difficult and compelling decisions. When this happens, we ask ourselves what way we should follow.

            If God were not with us, it would be impossible for us to make a wise decision.   This is the main reason why unbelievers make fatal decisions, that leads them to sin, death, and everlasting condemnation.

            However, the children of God are able to recognize the right path to follow in Christ. The Spirit guides us through the right way—he knows the way. Furthermore, the Bible is the light that illuminates our steps (Psalm 119:105).

            In this world, full of crossroads and dangerous passages, we are in need of God’s direction and guidance. He is to us, what a compass is to a sailor and a radar to a pilot. Christ is our WAY in the wilderness and LIGHT in the darkness.

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