Psalms 129-132     (June 16)

                                                   Watchers of Dawn

            “…more than those who watch for the morning”

            A young man, of 17 years of age was called to serve in his country’s army. Since he was very intelligent and skilled, he was placed in the Air Force to become an airplane mechanic.

            One night, he was commissioned to watch the planes until morning. The night was dark, the streets narrow, and the sounds and eerie shadows frightened him to the core. He hated it every time he had to serve as a watchman.

            How much did that young man longed for daylight on those dark, lonely and long nights! The darkness seemed to be endless and deadly. He felt alone and surrounded by many dangers.  He “heard” footsteps many times and thought the end was near. What a relief and delight he felt whenever he saw those first sun rays illuminating the camp, and was able to see that there was no danger at all!

            The psalmist expresses in this beautiful song of praise, how much his soul waits on the Lord. It is good to depend on Jesus and to wait on him. Christ is the light that brightens our souls in the midst of a dark and threatening world.

            Do you wish for Christ to come soon?

            He will come in a glorious morning and there will be no more darkness. Our gaze should be fixed on the heavens, from where Jesus, the Son of righteousness, will soon appear.

            If that young man wanted to see the light of a brand new day, how much more do I desire to see Christ, the light of the world? The day of the Lord is very near and if it’s true what they say— that before daybreak, darkness is at its greatest—then, the glorious morning of Christ is closer than we think.

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