Psalms 116-118      (June 10)

                                              Convincing Words

            “I believed, therefore have I spoken…”

            An elderly woman approached a young man and with a smile, offered him a publication called the “Book of Mormon.”

            The young man refused to buy this publication, telling her that he was an Evangelical Christian and that he only read (and trusted) the Bible.

            The elderly lady preached endlessly about the “superiority” of her religion. With great skill she cited verses from the Bible—out of context of course—and would have convinced the young man, if he had not known his Bible.

            The young man had only two questions for the woman:

            “Are you sure about your salvation and eternal life?”                                                          

            “No one can be completely sure until judgment day.” She replied.

            “Shouldn’t you be convinced of what you preach?”

            No reply.

            No one can offer something that they don’t have. No one can speak with conviction, if he/she does not believe. For this same reason some sales agents have to exaggerate and even lie, about products of dubious quality.

            Whom have you believed in?

            Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? The ones that believe in Jesus can (and should), speak with confidence. Some products come with a “guarantee,” for a certain amount of years. Christ has no defect and is guaranteed for eternity to those that believe in Him. If you have believed in Jesus, speak to others about Him.

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