Psalms 114, 115    (June 9)

                                                                     Mute gods

      “They have mouths, but do not speak…”

           John wanted to buy ornamental plants to decorate his new home. Being a foreigner, he did not know much about this new city. But John was not an easy man to intimidate. With great resolve, he went out to find the plants he needed. He had not walked more than three blocks when he saw a sign that said:


          “This is what I need,” John exclaimed with joy and went into the store. There he found plants, many plants; flowers and gifts and statues of Indians and horses. He also found out that they sold (which John did not know before), idols and images of virgins and saints. John ran out of that evil place and never again returned to a “botanica.”

           The world makes and sells its own gods. There are idols made out of wood, ceramic, and other diversified metals, there are even some made out of plastic!

           Many, who are spiritually blind, deaf and dead, worship these hollow, lifeless idols. Nevertheless, simple logic teaches us that a piece of wood that was created by God and carved by man will never be superior to God.

           Our God created the Universe and made man out of the dust of the earth. How is it then, that some worship the dust, instead of God? God is alive and eternal. God can’t be created, bought, or sold, as it is the case of the false “gods” (idols).

           God reigns with power and glory and there will be no end to his domain. When he speaks, all are silent; when he opens the door, no one closes and no one can stop him. What idol is capable of doing all of this?

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