2 Chronicles 10 (January 10)

                                                                    The House of David

            “So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David”

            The sin of just one man can bring down a whole country or in some cases even several nations.  We are all familiar with men like Napoleon, Hitler, Nero, Fidel Castro and Sadam Hussein.  These men and many others like them have been responsible for millions of deaths and senseless wars. 

             Rehoboam was one of these capricious, evil and foolish men.  He had the privilege of being Solomon’s son and of being chosen as King over all Israel after his father’s death.  His kingdom was great and powerful and it would have been strengthened if his foolishness had not gotten in the way.

              Aside from that, the kingdom had already been cursed because of the sins of his father.  But, when Rehoboam refused the wise counsel of the elders of Israel, he brought upon himself, and the nation of Israel, a great calamity.

              It was then that the kingdom was divided in two:  Israel to the north and Judah to the south.  Idolatry, and all kinds of perversions appeared suddenly and progressively; and Israel was never again the holy nation it could have been.

              Beware of isolating yourself from the “house of David,” which in the spiritual realm represents our Lord Jesus, the Son of David. Jesus was not only a direct descendant of David according to the flesh, but He also fulfilled the covenant that God made with David.

              With Jesus, there is nothing that we won’t be able to do; but separated from Him, everything we do is an exercise in futility.  Therefore, never separate, not even one inch, from your Lord.

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