2 Chronicles 11 (January 11)

                                                               Foolish Rivalry

      “You shall not go up or fight against your kindred”


            Anyone who has a house filled with small children and especially boys has surely experienced the constant fighting and arguing among them.  The rivalry between siblings is constant and can sometimes be dangerous.  If the rivalry isn’t dealt with, it can get out of hand and last for many years.

            Unfortunately this rivalry is also found among brothers and sisters in Christ.  Some Christians who are mature and strong in the faith sometimes look down on the weak; and the weak envy the strong.

            But God says in this chapter, “Don’t fight.”  Love and peace are the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which should be seen among brothers and sisters in Christ.  Fighting never solves any problem, and violence always breeds more violence. Wars and discord are the daily bread of the children of disobedience, but we are the children of God and as such, we have been called to be ambassadors of peace and love.

            The world will know our faith is real, as they observe our relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Our love for each other is a powerful testimony of the reality and validity of our faith in Christ. In John 13:35, we read the following admonition:

            “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

             Unless you enjoy being called a hypocrite, it would be wise, and beneficial, for you to reconcile (if needed); or to improve your overall conduct and communication with your spiritual family.

            Don’t you agree?

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