1 Chronicles 26 (December 28)


       As for the division of the gatekeepers…”

            Every important place has gatekeepers or security guards, who maintain a close watch over the entrances and exits.  These guards are normally tall, strong and heavily armed men that have a military background, especially those who work in an embassy or in government buildings.

            This is why those who were chosen among the Levites were, “…men of great ability…qualified for the service.”  A man with any less ability was disqualified.  The duty of a gatekeeper was to avoid the entrance of anything unclean or profane to the temple, day and night.

            An unclean individual was not allowed to enter through the temple gates. Entrance was prohibited for law breakers, lepers, as well as Gentiles and women—It was a sacred place.

            The church of our Lord Jesus, need gatekeepers who will guard the entrance to our holy sanctuaries where we worship our Lord together.  But the spiritual temple—the moral and doctrinal purity of our congregation—must be preserved and defended.

            Who will be a gatekeeper for the Lord today?          

            Who will stand firm in the faith and reject evil or any appearance of untruth?

            Our common (and holy) faith in Christ must be defended, regardless of the price we may have to pay.  There are things (uncleanliness, error, false beliefs, etc.) that should never enter through the doors of faith.        

             Are you guarding the door of your heart?

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