Genesis 47 (February 16)

                                                                      Capable Men

            “… and if you know that there are capable men among them…”

            Capable men:  This is what the church of the Lord Jesus Christ needs today.  Our churches are full of devout and faithful women.  These sisters have served the Lord for many years, sometimes in areas where God have called the men to minister.  Praise God for the women in the churches!

            The problem is, that there are not enough Christian men attending church regularly; and of those who attend, only a few, give time and effort (not to mention offerings) to the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. Where are the men of God today? Who is going to be obedient to God’s call?

            God needs capable men, but capable of doing what?

            The men God is searching for must be capable of being incapable.  In other words, they must be men willing to submit to the supreme authority of the Lord.  These men do not trust in their strength, knowledge or riches, but they trust and depend solely upon the Rock, which is Jesus Christ.

            Are you willing to be incapable in order to be capable?

            Are you ready to humble yourself before your God?

            Tell it to the Lord.  Submit yourself and ask Him to use you for his glory.  He will turn your inability and incapability, into power, wisdom and fruitfulness.  He can make you a capable individual; capable of serving God; capable of loving your family; and capable of living a life that brings honor and glory to Christ.

            Are you a capable Christian?

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