Genesis 46 (February 15)

                                                                      Prepared for Death

            “I can die now…”

            There was a barber in an old town that was known by everyone for his joviality, fast service, and great prices.  One day, this barber became a Christian and decided that he would share his newfound faith with everybody.  To that end, he prepared himself as best as he could in the art of evangelism, and for the most part, he had great results.

            One day however, while he was shaving a customer with a long barber knife, he asked that man the following question:  “Tell me my friend, are you prepared to die?”  Until this day no one knows where that customer is.  He escaped that day running for his life, because he did not understand the simple evangelistic question.

            Are you prepared to die?

            Well, you may say, I have already received Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Isn’t that enough?  Of course it is!  When you are a Christian, you have eternal life; you have passed from death to life.  Now hell is powerless against you because you are a child of the King, and he promised that he will never “drive you away” (John 6:37).

            Many people live under the false assumption that death will never reach them and they “kill” themselves with exercise.  Others think they are prepared for death because they have prepaid funeral expenses, a lot in the local cemetery, and a huge life insurance policy. 

            The best exercise to prepare for death is the sinner’s prayer, and the best life insurance policy is Jesus Christ.  We can be like the barber today.  We can help other people to find salvation in Christ, just put the knife away when you are preaching!


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