Genesis 44 (February 13)

                                                                           Good for Evil

            “Why have you returned evil for good?”

            On one occasion I watched the most incredible scene:  It was an old western movie, and the hero came to the rescue of a damsel in distress.  She was being abused physically by a criminal, and upon hearing her desperate screams, our hero appeared in a flash, and defeated the violent brute.

            What do you think it was her reaction to such a noble deed?  Instead of thanking the valiant rescuer, she began to hit and insult him for having mistreated her precious husband, now lying unconscious on the ground.

            Joseph was accustomed to this kind of treatment.  If doing good deeds for others was his policy, it almost never brought him favorable results.  He worried about his brothers (perhaps too much), and they sold him as a slave.  He served Potiphar faithfully and God blessed that house, but Potiphar believed the false accusations of his unfaithful spouse and Joseph was sent to prison. Even in jail Joseph helped the cupbearer and he forgot (for two or more years), to fulfill his promise to liberate Joseph.

            How many times do we return evil for all the good that we receive from God?  Are we always thankful?  Do we live holy lives in honor of our Savior?  Do we try to get even with those that harm or insult us? Everything that Jesus does for, or gives to us is good, and for our good; even trials and tests!

            To return evil for good is satanic; to return good for good is human, but to return good for evil, ah, that is divine!  Joseph and Jesus paid according to the divine standard, but what about us?  How shall we respond when we are confronted with evil?  

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