Only My Best  (Leviticus 12)

             “If she cannot afford…”

The Law of Moses required a sacrifice of a lamb from those women who had given birth.  After the forty days of purification, they had to bring their offering to the tabernacle to be cleansed.

God in his mercy and infinite wisdom knew that many women would not be able to afford such an expensive offering.  Therefore he opened an “escape” door if you please, for them.  They could bring little birds instead of a lamb, if they were poor.

In God’s ministry we find three different kinds of Christians.  There is Bob “Does it all,” there is also Jimmy “Does little” and finally we find James “Does his best.”  They represent the entire Christian community, in their different work ethics and philosophy.

Bob “Does it all” typifies those believers that “kill” themselves by working in too many ministries.  They remind me of Carlos who became totally burned-out after over-extending himself in several church departments.  The problem with “Bob” is that he forsakes his family and never finishes his work in any of the ministries.

Jimmy “Does little” represents the vast majority of inactive believers.  They think that by attending church they are serving God or doing him a big favor.  The Christian “Jimmies” do very little work for God, if any at all!

James “Does his best” is the symbol of true Christian servanthood.  Christians, who are like “James” do their best for God and complete the work that He has called them to perform.  Everything they do comes from a grateful heart and it is done with love.  Which type of minister are you?

A. G.

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