Snake-Like (Leviticus 11)

            “…creatures that swarm (creep) upon the earth…”

I have discovered a very alarming fact! I have noticed that many people, who call themselves Christians, prefer to creep or slither upon this earth, rather than walking in holiness with God.

It is sad to see children of the Eternal God living in continuous defeat.  They fall into sin, or become slaves to depression or fear.  Is this how we are supposed to live as Christians?

I would venture to say that every believer has fallen at least on a few occasions.  If we are sincere, we must admit that perhaps we have slithered like serpents more times than we have flown like eagles.  God, however, is able to lift us up if we repent.

Brothers and sisters, there is no need to continue living in sin or defeat.  Our God is powerful enough to meet our needs and forgive our sins.  God is in control of our destinies and in Him we are victorious.

There is no room for fear.

Does this mean that we will be happy all the time? Perhaps some can claim that this is their every day experience, but the majority of us experience ups and downs; good days and not-so-good days; victories and defeats.  God knows very well that we are not perfect.

Nevertheless God will not accept “Snake-like-Christians” whose lifestyle seems to be a deliberate attempt to imitate the unbelievers.  A snake was an unholy creature to the Israelites; a snakelike life is not appropriate or good for children of the Lord.

A. G.

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