Daily Cry (Numbers 27)

            “Moses brought their case before the Lord.”

                    “Daddy, Daniel hit me!”

                    “Mom, Gabriel took my toy!”

            In this, and many other ways, our children cry unto us.  They demand justice; they scream for revenge; they are hungry for discipline (except for them, of course).  It is very strange indeed to hear no complaints or cries for more than an hour.

            Do you have problems that you can’t solve? If you do, you are not alone because most of us face the same situation at one time or another.  There may be problems we can solve with effort, diligence and patience, but most other problems require God’s assistance.

            Zelophehad’s daughters found themselves in a terrible bind.  Their father had died, and they were not married, nor had any brothers.  Consequently, they had no inheritance in Canaan.

            Undaunted by their hopeless situation they did what every child of God must do:  They brought their complaints and desires before the Lord.

            To cry (or pray) unto the Lord should be as natural as drinking water or breathing.  The psalmists emphasized the need to cry, praise and wait upon the Lord daily.  This is something that every Christian would do well to emulate.

            Do not wait until the crisis comes, to elevate your cries to God.  Cry unto the Lord regardless of the size of your storm, and even when there is calm.  There is no problem too big for God, and there is no reason to stop praying to him.

            A. G.


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