Holiness (Exodus 39)    

            “…Holy to the Lord.”

            The high priest wore a sign in his turban that reminded everyone who saw him, about holiness.  This is similar to the innumerable bumper stickers and posters that advertise Christianity in one way or another.

            How can we experience God’s holiness in our daily walk?

            In the past, some “holy” men built monasteries to live “separate” from the world. Holiness is indeed a separation from the sins of this world system, but it is also a consecration unto God while we live in the world. In recent times, some strive to be holy by dressing conservatively and grooming to perfection.  These futile attempts may be called Monasticism and Legalism, but they are not, nor do they lead to holiness.

            Where can we find holiness then?

            Holiness is experienced in our minds and hearts.  God is pleased when he looks into a clean and pure heart, and when our minds are intertwined with the mind of Christ.  If this is true, why do we place so much emphasis in proper grooming, suits and Christian signs?

            I am not implying here that holy people must not shower or shave.  As Christians we are commanded to take care of our bodies in every way, including a proper diet, exercise, rest and yes, the best grooming you can afford.

            All I’m saying is that holiness is planted inside of us by the Holy Spirit and then is manifested on the exterior.  How?  By making holy choices; having a holy attitude; speaking holy words and living a holy lifestyle IN the world.

            A. G.

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