Stories of God (Exodus 10)

            “… and that you may tell you children…”

            Do you read bedtime stories to your children at night?  I still remember classical stories like “Little Red Riding Hood”, the “Three Little Pigs” and many other wonderful fables.  They were part of my childhood, and they taught me many valuable lessons (like not to play with wolves!), but I almost never heard a story about God.

            Our children need to hear about God.  We have been instructed to read to them the fascinating Bible stories.  They need to know about Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Paul and all the other biblical “heroes.”  But most of all they must know the story of Jesus and what he did for us.

            Our lives must be like an open book where are our children can “read” about God.  They must know that God is real, so real that he transcends the pages of the Bible.

             As Christians we have walked with the Lord, and the Lord has blessed us in many ways. We can describe all these wonderful “adventures” with God to our children.  They need to understand that the same God of the Bible, has loved us, protected us and blessed us in countless ways.

            In this way our children will be able to correlate the biblical God, to the God of their parents.  We can accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Reading Bible stories to our offspring.
  2. Letting our children “read” or see God in our lives.
  3. Telling our children how God is working (and will always work) in our lives.

                You can be the difference in your child’s life or in other children that you can minister the Word of God. The Word is alive and gives life to those who read, listen and obey.

       A. G.

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