Flowers of the Field (Exodus 1)        

             “…so that the land was filled with them.”

            On one occasion, a little child decided to conduct the following “scientific” experiment:  He filled a glass of water all the way to the brim and proceeded to run as fast as he could through the garden in the back of the house.  His objective was to calm his father’s thirst in the most efficient and quick way possible.

            However, as he was running, all the water was dispersed through the garden and when he gave the empty glass to his father, he expected the worst.  He knew he had failed miserably; now his father would be angry and…

            “Thank you my son!”  The father exclaimed with a bright smile across his face.  “You watered the new flowers I planted yesterday!”

            In the same manner, we must water this dry and thirsty world with God’s living water: The Gospel of salvation.  Only as we patiently and methodically, plant and water the “seed” of faith in the hearts of many, the earth will be populated with God’s children that love and worship the Father. 

            Egypt was literally inundated with the chosen people of God.  The people of Israel multiplied in spite of slavery, taxes and the threat of extinction.  Not even the mighty Pharaoh was able to detain the overwhelming growth of the Israelites!

            What can stop the church of Jesus Christ today?  Can the devil and hell prevail against us?  Certainly not! (Matthew 16:18). The Living Water is yearning to flow out of our hearts (John 7:38), into the desert of this world.  Let our lives be an oasis of hope.  Let us plant the seed of the Gospel, but let us do it…one heart at a time.   

             A.  G.        

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