Chosen (Genesis 48)    

            “…shall be mine…”

            In this declaration, Jacob mirrors the decree and desire of God to choose a people for himself.  God planned since eternity to rescue us from sin and death and make us his own.

            Even before the creation of the universe, God elected those who would be saved.  He saw the wickedness of his creatures and in his heart he decreed the salvation of the elect.  Perhaps he said:

            “They shall be mine.”

            Are you a chosen one?  Do you have Christ in your heart, or better yet, is Christ the Lord of your life?

            Manasseh and Ephraim were born in Egypt, but Jacob adopted them as sons.  As such they enjoyed all the family benefits including the benedictions and the inheritance. In fact, they took the place of Levi and Reuben among the twelve tribes of Israel, even though they were not his sons.

            You and I were born in sin and thus separated from God.  Where would we be, were it not for the incomprehensible love of God?  We deserve the fire of hell, but God in his mercy, chose us to be with Him forever.

            If you are a Christian today, remember that you did not choose God; (John 15:16) he chose you, and he saved you.  One day when we reach the blessed shore of heaven, we shall hear the most beautiful words ever spoken.  Jesus will say to us:

            “Come with me, for you are mine!”  

            A. G. 

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