Passing Grade (Genesis 22)

                The Test…“God tested Abraham.”

                God does not tempt anyone (James 1:13), but he brings or allows numerous tests in our lives. If you have been a student in the past, you must agree that for the most part, tests are hard and undesirable. Nevertheless, the object of spiritual tests is to perfect our walk with the Lord.

                How is the report card of your faith? Do you have a passing grade on your spiritual tests? Tests reveal not only the degree of our faith in Christ, but also our maturity, integrity, and level of responsibility.

                The Tenacity… “Here I am.”

                On thing is to know for sure that God is present during the testing period and that he is tenderly caring for us; and another is to remain faithful and true as we are tested. Abraham said, “Here I am;” Job did not curse God even amid his calamity; and Jesus was obedient and faithful unto death (Phil.2:8).

                How do you react to the tests in your life?

                One option is to run, but that would make you a coward. You can also ask “why?” and curse, but that could bring you an ulcer. Instead, you can ask God what lesson or purpose he has in mind, and then you can tell him, “Here I am.” Let us remember that behind every test there is a blessing in disguise.

               A. G.

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