God the Poet

                                      Genesis 5

                 “Lived…became the father…and he died.”

                This Bible chapter contains one of the saddest “poems” ever written. It tells us in a rather repetitive fashion that every man and woman is Adam’s lineage did three main things. They lived, had sons and daughters and they died.

                Is this a portrait of your life? Perhaps not, but maybe you know someone who right now is leading a lifeless existence. His or her life is void of hope and filled with as much excitement as watching the “motion” of a turtle.

                Walked…was no more…God took him.”

                Here we have another poem, a more cheerful and hopeful composition. The title could be “Enoch, the first astronaut.” Enoch’s life was never boring, hopeless, or even ordinary. He “walked” with God; that is, he enjoyed a daily and intimate communion with our Lord.

                Do you walk with Jesus?

                If you do, if your life is filled with God, you are in grave danger of extinction.

                First, your old works and sins of the flesh will disappear, and then you, or at least the “old you”, will cease to exist. Christ will live in you and through you (Galatians 2:20).

                God took Enoch to heaven while he was alive. Something striking similar could happen to us soon. The Bible promises that Jesus is coming again for His Church. In a twinkling of an eye, we will be transformed and transported to heaven, but in the meanwhile God is working to make our lives as beautiful as a poem.

                A. G.

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