All I Can


Jesus, you are the love of my life

The hope of glory in my heart

I will follow you day and night

And nothing will keep us apart


Lord, I want to serve you more and more

Allow me to bring honor to your name

Please keep me safe during the storms

And don’t let your servant be ashamed


What a blessing is to know your mercy!

Oh, how glorious is to live by faith

To have total and complete victory

To be forever saved by grace


How can I thank you, my Lord?

What can I do to repay?

I confess, according to your Word

That there’s nothing I can do or say


All I can do is to worship

All I can I say is “Thank You”

For saving me and making me new

For loving me always and forever

All I can think is of that glorious day

When we will be eternally together


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