A Wrong Turn

             Have you ever made a wrong turn in your life? There are very few things more frustrating than making a wrong turn, especially when it happens in an unknown city and when we are in a hurry.

             This has happened a few times and it has never been a pleasurable experience. I consider myself to be pretty good with addresses and directions (driving expertise is another matter), so when I make a wrong turn my sadness and level of frustration is doubled.

             A few days ago, we made a wrong turn in Miami’s heavy and aggressive traffic. This minor turn or deviation from our route turned (pun intended) five minutes into an hour. I was angry as we made more U turns than a flip flop politician.

            Wrong turns can sometimes be a blessing. I have learned to contain my ire in situations that are out of my control (by the way, very few things are under my control), knowing that “…that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Wrong turns, “accidents” and other delays may very well have been ordained by God to save us from dangers and situations that we may never know about.

           There are wrong turns, however, that can lead us straight into danger and destruction. Making a wrong turn in a highway is painful and frustrating, but making a wrong turn in life—no matter how small it might be—can be disastrous.

          The Bible is full with examples of people that made a wrong turn. Some of them recovered by God’s grace, but some turned away from God forever (1 Timothy 1:19-20).

          Adam turned to the wrong tree (Genesis 3:2-6)

          The prophet Jonah turned in the opposite direction of God’s command (Jonah 1:3)

          Aaron turned to gross idolatry (Exodus 32:1-6)

          Samson turned after evil and dangerous women (Judges 14:1; 16:1-4)

          The wise and holy Salomon turned out to be an idolatrous fool (1 Kings 11:1-11)

          Many “believers” turned away from Jesus (John 6:66)

          Only God’s grace can turn the crooked or cold heart back to Him. He did so with Abraham, after he went down to Egypt; with David, after the Bathsheba incident; with Peter, after the three denials and with the Prodigal Son, after he spent his inheritance in all sorts of debauchery.

         There are many more biblical examples of men and women that turned away from, or unto God. I want to add my name to that list. My name will never be written in the Bible, but it has been inscribed in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

         I have tried to turn away from God sometimes, or at least to turn away from a life of obedience and holiness, but my God turns my heart to Him over and over again. He will do the same for you, but if you can avoid wrong turns, even better!

        A. G.

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