Nehemiah 13 (February 28)

                                                          Good Change

             “…yet our God turned the curse into a blessing.”

            I read a story one day about an evil man that was sent to murder an ex-Jesuit priest and some Christians that were with him. I believe that I read this story in one of the illustrated evangelistic tracts from Chick Publications.

            Everything was carefully planned.  The mercenary rented the room next to the Christian.  Now he only had to wait until the Christian would take a bath. He laughed at the thought of the surprise that the ex-priest would receive. 

            He did not have to wait for a long period of time; within two hours he was able to hear, with diabolical delight, as the Christian entered the bathroom.  The terrorist sprang into action and took out a bottle from his briefcase.  Inside that bottle, there was a poisonous scorpion, which would be the “weapon” to take the life of that innocent man.  Quickly, he entered the bathroom and with great care he proceeded to place the scorpion in the bathtub drain.    Everything was going as planned, but he did not notice a bar of soap lying on the floor—he stepped on it and fell.  The deadly scorpion fell on top of him, injecting his poison.  One more time, God turned a curse into a blessing!

            He has done this many times.

  1. – With Joseph (from slave to a prince)
  2. – With Balaam (prophesied blessings over Israel)
  3. – With Haman (he died in the gallows prepared for the Jews)
  4. – With Jesus (he died on the cross and opened the way to eternal life)
  5. – With you and me (he saved us from eternal death and from many evils)
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