2 Chronicles 29 (January 29)

                                                                        Wait, but Don’t Wait

            “In the first year…in the first month,”

            A man went to a job interview, in a very prestigious computer corporation one day.  Perhaps you and I would have been extremely nervous, for it is widely known that these interviews can be intimidating.

            Our friend, however, was ultra-positive and self-confident.  His optimism was greater than his renowned personal charm.  After filling all the necessary papers, and passing all the tests, the man was hired.

            Immediately he was given a tour of the corporation.  As he was passing by one department, the recently hired employee stopped and screamed at one engineer:  “You are not doing a good job!”

            King Hezekiah was very much like this man.  At the beginning of kingship, he started a great revival in Judah.  Hezekiah repaired the temple; destroyed all the idols and high places; and celebrated the Passover feast.  And all this was done in his first month as a king!

            We can learn two things from this story.  First, when God closes a door, we must wait for Him to open another one.  Secondly, when God finally opens that door, we should enter with the force of a hurricane.  Do not wait until tomorrow, to do what you can do…today.

            It is good to wait on the Lord every day. This means that we can rely on Him for guidance and strength every day. Waiting on the Lord also means that we are not in control of our lives or our destiny. We must “wait” or trust in Him for everything.

            There is a big difference between waiting on the Lord and waiting to serve, honor and obey Him. If you know his will, then do it and don’t wait.  

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