2 Chronicles 24 (January 24)

                                                                     Useful Vessels

            “…utensils for the service…”

            When I read about the utensils that were used for the service in the house of the Lord, I identify myself completely with them.  Every spoon or vessel represents what a Christian is: An instrument or utensil in the hands of the Lord. Some of us may be cups or bowls or spoons or forks or any other utensil God wants us to be.

            If a believer is just a utensil or vessel to be used in God’s service and for his glory, it is reasonable to assert that none of us will ever be greater than our Master.  Jesus is our Creator and Lord and as such, he has dominion and authority over our lives; and who shall dare ask him:  Why do you do this or that?

            As instruments of the Lord, we are not better (or worse) than our brothers or sisters.  We are all utensils for God.  Some may be made of gold; others are manufactured with silver or bronze, but all of us can be used by God.

            If every child of God would assimilate this concept, there would be no pride amongst believers.  The “golden” vessels would not reject the jars of clay.  The quality of a vessel is not as important as its availability to be used. What makes us useful and fruitful instruments is the fact the Jesus dwells in us and the Holy Spirit fills us with his love, power and all his other gifts and blessings.

            We must therefore, be holy and clean utensils; instruments of His love and righteousness.  God will use us to pour out his blessings to this suffering world.  Are you a clean and available utensil?

            Lord, fill my cup and let it be poured as an acceptable sacrifice for you.

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