2 Chronicles 18 (January 18)

                                                                  A Look of Faith

            “I saw the Lord sitting on his throne…”

            In this world, there are persons who are always in a state of desperation.  They get discouraged so easily that some people would say that they “make much ado about nothing” or (as they say in Cuba) that they are “drowning themselves in a glass of water.”  Each and every one of us has almost drowned in glasses of water, or made a mountain out of a molehill at one time or another.  This usually happens when we are being struck by strong winds, and we find ourselves surrounded by difficult circumstances. In those moments, we feel as it is the end of the world.                                

           In these difficult times, it is important to look at things through the “telescope of faith.”  If our spiritual eyes could see beyond your circumstances and see our Lord God sitting on the throne, things would be different.

            With just one “look of faith” everything going on inside of us will change for the better.  Maybe the difficult situation we’re in will remain or even get worse, but we shall be transformed by the power of belief.  Why? Not because of our great faith, but because our eyes have seen the Lord God sitting on his throne with all his glory and power.

            Knowing that God is still, and will always be in control fills us with joy and hope.  Looking up to heaven, Stephen was able to forgive his assassins, because he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father.

            Therefore dear brethren, begin this day to look up toward Heaven.  When you see God’s glory, greatness, power and majesty, all your problems will seem microscopic, in comparison with the greatness and majesty of our Eternal Lord. 

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